Hey so I'm Jack, crossdresser from the UK.. I go by the name "Lola Bhairava" when dressed and made up, but not too fussed one way or the other honestly! I'm not trans! Just a crossdresser. Sho seeing as this is lovedfans I won't say too much too soon, I love dressing and ofcourse love sex.. a kinky night in with some fun and naughty company is pretty much perfection. Generally I'm very submissive, although do love taking on the more goth dominatrix role, especially with a willing sub guy!. Other than that, not too much to say I'm a tad boring and just adore music, its kinda my life beyond the dresses, frilly knickers, hold ups, fishnets and makeup beyond that all is secondary ūüėÖūüėúūüėė So have fun, enjoy watching and hopefully you'll cum alot for me too ūüíč Shri bhairava

many many many pictures will be uploaded here, I have like a TB on my google drive, incentivise me hehe x and maybe, if you're very good, tou could let me know what you'd like to see more of too

January 16
United Kingdom
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Sexy sleek and super over the top white heels, these were a pressie from someone... Loads of foot pics here for you fetishists x ūüėąūüíčūüėąūüėČūüėąūüíčūüėą And a few kinky surprise bonuses

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So I'm hardly a fan of the school uniform look I have to say v.v You'll have to take it off of me!!

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