Vampire Priest Poison

Hello freaks and fetishists and welcome to Vampire Priestess Poison's exclusive LovedFans! I am the world's premiere commie domme-y and fetish enthusiast, as well as a published, alternative model with neon hair, pierced naughty bits, and a tattooed asshole 😏 I created this page to bring to you hot femdom, findom, and fetish content CONSTANTLY. I'm a dominatrix hellbent on destroying every submissive of Mine and building them back up in the most exquisite fashion. I won't do anything to a sub that hasn't been done to Me first, but I've been lit on fire so that gives us a wide breadth of activities 😉 Are you ready to serve your Priestess?

September 27
Lancaster, PA

My first apartment by Myself was so bereft when I move in. I'm so glad that I have art to cover the walls in My new place. Landlord beige is hardly a step above psych ward white.

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My lease is up in January and I'm under the gun to get a new apartment so don't expect a ton of posts right now. I will let you enjoy the MIMP but I'm gonna make you fuckers wait as I drag it out slowly. You like the tease. Don't pretend you don't. 📸 Mark Wiles

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